Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for a grant?

Charities and organisations who aim to aid the research into learning disability and to aid the care and relief of those affected by learning disability. We consider under learning disability the conditions generally referred to as severe learning difficulties, together with autism. In this area, we consider projects concerning children or adults. Please note that we do not give grants for research into or care of those with mental illness or dyslexia.

How much can be applied for?

Grants are awarded for amounts from £250 and depend on a number of factors including the purpose, the total funding requirement and the potential sources of other funds including, in some cases, matching funding.

When should we apply?

Meetings of the Trustees are usually held in March, June and November of each year.  The deadlines for submitting an appeal for funding over £10,000 (if both satisfactory references are received) are:-

  • 1 December for consideration at the interim meeting in March
  • 1 March for consideration at the June meeting
  • 1 August for consideration at the November meeting.

For a research grant the deadlines for submission for the full proposal are:-

  • 1 February to be tabled at the meeting in June
  • 1 August to be tabled at the meeting in November.

Keep checking the website as submission deadline dates may be subject to change.  Please feel free to submit your application whenever you're ready rather than waiting for the deadline. The deadlines are final. There is a different procedure for small grants (appeals under £10,000). Read more information on small grants

Are grants given over a period of time, say three years?

Most of the grants given are one-off although the Trustees would consider longer term commitments in exceptional circumstances.

Do we need to be a registered charity?

If you are applying for a general grant then yes, or an affiliate of one. Schools and