Meetings and Deadlines

Bi-annual Board Meetings of the Trustees are usually held in June and November each year with an interim grants meeting, usually in March.

The next Trustees' meeting (to consider appeals in excess of £10,000) is scheduled to take place late November 2018, the application submission deadline was 1 August. 

Applications for Research funding - deadlines

Research grants are tabled at the meetings held in June and November each year. The timetable for each meeting is as follows:

  • June - one page outlines must be submitted by 1 December with full proposals to be received by 1 February.
  • November -  one page outlines must be submitted by 1 July with full proposals to be received by 1 August.

If you are seeking funding up to £5,000 then the proposal is considered outside of the usual main Board meetings and the above deadlines do not apply.

Applications for General funding - deadlines

The submission deadline for applications seeking funding in excess of £10,000 for the meeting in November 2018 was 1 August. The next deadline is 1 December for appeals to be considered at the meeting in March 2019.      

If your application is considered under the Small Grants procedure (i.e. if the appeal is for £10,000 and below), then this will be reviewed by the Trustees ahead of the usual meetings and there is therefore no deadline for submitting an appeal. 

General information

Following the meeting all applicants are contacted formally to advise on the status of their application.

You are encouraged to submit your application whenever you are ready, rather than waiting for the deadline.